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You Can Still Have Fun Camping in the Rain

You Can Still Have Fun Camping in the Rain

Every time you go camping there is always a chance you can get rained on so it never hurts to be prepared.  Rain can last anywhere from a few minutes in the afternoon or it can be your entire weekend away, but you don’t have to let it ruin your trip.  You can stay dry, comfortable and still have a good time despite the fact that it is pouring outside.  It doesn’t have to end your trip but you need the right gear to keep your trip fun.  Let’s look at how you can still have fun camping in the rain.

Get the Right Type of Tent

You should actually have a good quality tent, rain or not.  Camping can be unpredictable even if the weather service predicts a sunny day, however there are times where you are more likely to encounter rain, such as in the spring.  Get a good tent that has some built in vents, they will help keep the damp out.  You don’t necessarily have to get a new tent you can re-proof the old one if necessary.  Grab a can of tent spray and make your tent waterproof.

Bring Some Plastic Storage Containers

The rain doesn’t have to stop your good time but once your food and clothes get wet then the fun stops.  You are going to need sealable plastic bags for clothing and toiletries.  Make sure that you store wet and dry items separately, keep clothing dry, dry clothing will help you to stay warm.  Keep all of your food tightly sealed, that will keep them fresh and keep the moisture out.

Take a Gazebo

Rain or not an gazebo is a great addition to your camping trip.  It will help keep you dry in the rain and it can keep the bugs out in the evenings.  You can still sit outside in the fresh air while not having to worry about getting wet.

Pack Gear for Wet Weather

You have a waterproof tent now it is time do what you can to keep yourself dry the last thing you need is to end up with the flu because of your camping trip.  The first thing you need is a waterproof jacket, some splash pants and a good pair of rubber boots.  Bring bug spray with you, mosquitos love wet weather and grab some towels to dry off if you need to.

Have a Backup Plan

When you go camping you generally plan to do things outdoors but when it is raining you’re going to have to get creative.  Bring some cards or board games, have something to play music on, anything to keep the kids entertained.

Camping when it’s raining doesn’t have to be the end of the world, your attitude will decide whether you are having fun or not.